A downloadable game for Windows

"Emilia:You'll never walk alone" is a game project from students of Games Academy Berlin. We'd like to share our current alpha with anybody who is interested in playtesting. We greatly appreciate any feedback.

Please note that this a beta version which still requires some polishing.

About the game:

Emilia is a 9-year old girl who is in a coma. In her coma she dreams the same nightmare over and over again. Emilia has to work her way through the nightmare world in order to wake up, end the dream and return back to live. In her dream, she has her favorite stuffed animal Mr. Longneck with her. Mr. Longneck can help Emilia solving puzzles and overcome obstacles, but eventually she has to leave him behind to escape the nightmare.

Install instructions

Download the setup.exe and install the game on your Windows PC. The installer also creates an uninstall.

If the game is already installed on your PC you can simply execute the setup file without uninstalling the game first.


Emilia_Setup.exe 96 MB